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Newspaper 9 Responsive Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Newspaper 9 Responsive Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Newspaper 9 Responsive Premium Blogger Template Free Download
Newspaper 9 Responsive Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Newspaper Blogger Style Update Latest Version


Newspaper 9 Blogger Template

  • Fully Responsive 100% - Check
  • Google's SEO Standards
  • Mobile-Friendly Valid - Check
  • Valid Structure 100% - Check
  • Valid Schema Markup
  • Fast Loading - Check
  • Support Theme Designers
  • Custom Page Error 404 - Check
  • Support Indonesian - English
  • The latest Widget v3 code
  • Ads Ready Optimize
  • Header Ads
  • Post Widget Ads
  • Easy Layout Layout
  • Navigation Menu
  • Mega Menu Desktop
  • Mobile Menu Slider
  • Search Form
  • FeaturedPost Widget designs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • font awesome
  • Google Web Font
  • Roboto font
  • Open Sans font
  • Support Icon
  • SVG Icon
  • FontAwesome icon
  • Latest Lazy Load Images
  • The latest version of JavaScript code
  • 6 Widget Footer Menu
  • Widget Social Media Icon
  • Widget Sticky Sidebar
  • Support theme width settings ( new )
  • Related Post
  • Author Box Design
  • Next Previous
  • Share Botton Media
  • Comments of the latest blogger version

Homepage Template Fixture Beta

  • Recent Post by Label
  • Featured Images Post
  • Carousel Slider Images
  • Featured YouTube videos
  • News sticker
  • Widget Social Media Icon
  • The latest Pupolart Post
  • Widget About
  • Widget Footer
  • Widget Mobile Logo

Download Newspaper 9 Responsive Premium Blogger

Comment Your EMail I Send You.

Newspaper template version of this Blogspot, there are 3 kinds of demo models that you can install.

  • Template version Default - Standard
  • Template version of the Grid - Grid
  • Magazine version template - Magazine style - Beta stage

The template price may change at another time, according to the demand. Before the price of this template changes, it's worth buying from now too.

  • What are you getting if you buy this template?
  • You will get a few fixtures in between.
  • Support / Support from me for the terms of the arrangement
  • Get the template version update forever.
  • Can be installed on other domains of your own without limits
  • Without footer links
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Newspaper 9 Responsive Premium Blogger Template Free Download

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